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Questions You Need To Ask

To get the best driving lessons in Wolverhampton you need to ask the right questions, the answers will give you a really good idea if this school is for you.

1. You need to ask the driving school if the instructor is fully qualified. You may not know this but many are in fact trainees, now there is nothing wrong with this but you need to be made aware so you can make the right decision for yourself.

2. All driving instructors are graded with either an A, B or fail, so it would be good to ask their grade. You really don't want an instructor who has failed.

3. Ask the driving school what lessons do they offer after the driving test. A school that offers Pass Plus, motorway lessons and driving instructor training demonstrate their personal awareness that there is more to just the driving test.

Just knowing the answers to these questions can make all the difference with who you choose.

Driving Made Simple

How To Pass Your Test First Time

There are 100's of driving instructors in Wolverhampton but how can you be sure you have the best chance of passing first time? It is all to do with your preparation, making sure you are learning the right things from your very first driving lesson.

The driving examiner is the important person in all of this the examiner is going to be looking at 4 aspects of your driving.

1. The Highway Code and are you within the guidelines?
2. Do you have the ability to spot, predict, and then avoid or eliminate hazards?
3. Are you in control of the car at all times?
4. Do you have the desire to be a safe driver?

Those 4 points when summed up define driver safety and it is what you need to be able to get your driving licence. Here at Colin Hunt Driver Training we are going to implement these steps into every skill you learn, which means when you get to the driving test you will be 100% ready to pass.

Driving Schools in Wolverhampton

At Colin Hunt Driver training we don't just have the years of experience you have been looking for, we also have the skills to help you become a safe driver and that is what the driving test is all about...being safe.

Driving Lessons in Wolverhampton

Remember that when you take your driving lessons your aim is to be safe, so when you are learning a new skill it is not just about hand and eye coordination and asking "have I done it right". Its about you saying to yourself "I need to do this" or "I can see I'm safe, I've cracked it"

Driving lessons should be a lot of fun, yes learning can sometimes be a pain but we take the headache out of learning to drive.

Driving Instructors in Wolverhampton

While there are many driving instructors in Wolverhampton no one else, best to our knowledge, are showing you how to pass first time, how to save a serious amount of money and showing you how to find a great driving school.

We certainly hope you have found our website informative and that you feel compelled to give us a call. We will be delighted to assist you.

Learning Made Fun

Be Safe | Drive Happy | Save Money | Pass 1st Time

Learning to drive is a wonderful thing for you to do and for sometime you have been thinking what it will be like to learn and to drive your own car...

Many learner drivers are not sure what questions to ask to find the best driving school in Wolverhampton for them, usually you will ask about pass rate, how much are the lessons, the type of car used and maybe how many driving lessons will be needed, but that is not enough.

To prove we are a really good driving school in Wolverhampton we are going to show you some really cool tips on how to find the right school for you, how to pass your driving test first time and how you can save over £500 on passing your driving test.

driving lessons in wolverhampton

Driving Made Simple

How To Save Over £500

If you can pass your driving test first time it can save you around £300, but we are going to show you how to save a further £500 on your driving lessons and it all starts with some figures given out by the DVSA. They say that the average learner driver needs 47 hours of professional driver training and 20 hours of private practice.

We say, that if you take 90 minute or 2 hour driving lessons and have a lesson every 3 to 4 days, you are going to save lots of money, here is why...

The average learner includes people who take just one hour a week, and by the time the following week has arrived you have forgotten so much. In fact just a 15 minute recap on getting you back up to speed will cost you 1 hour for every 4 hours taken. Therefore the average learner driver taking lessons this way could be wasting up to 12 hours! That is a lot of money.

Private Practice is also pricey and you simply will not need it if you learn in the way we suggest. If you take a family car, insure it, put fuel in it and cover the cost of the wear and tear, over a 3 month period you can easily spend over £300. But if you are taking lessons every 3 or 4 days as we suggest you are going to make a huge saving. 

Can you save close to £900 with our techniques and recommendations?


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