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Driving Schools Walsall - Questions You Need To Ask

To find the right driving school in Walsall you need to ask the right questions. Most people looking to learn to drive will phone a driving instructor in Walsall and ask about price, pass rates and the car they drive.

The questions you need to ask are going to be revealed right now, and the answers will tell you if this is the best driving school in Walsall for you or not.

1. Some driving instructors in Walsall are trainees, nothing wrong with that but you need to know, so ask.

2. All instructors have to have what is called a Standards Check, it is when the instructor is graded and the grads are either an A, B or fail. You can work out which one you need to avoid. If someone has a fail they can still teach for a limited time.

3. A top driving school in Walsall will do more than just teaching people to drive, every instructor know the driving test doesn't cover motorways, night driving, or driving in bad weather. So if the school offers motorway lessons or Pass Plus that is a goos sign. If they teach people how to become driving instructors its fair to say they have perhaps even stronger skills.

Use these questions when speaking to driving schools.

Driving Made Simple

Cheap Driving Lessons In Walsall - saving over £500

If you want cheap driving lessons in Walsall then you will be really interested to know how to save over £500. The DVSA say that the average driver needs 47 hours of professional tuition along with 20 hours of private practice...

However the average learner will also include those taking one hour a week and getting no where. When you practice something for just an hour a week it is very hard to remember your training and you will have to recap on each lesson. Assuming you need only 15 minutes to recap, it means that for every 4 hours, you are wasting one hour. We think you could be losing out as much as £300 learning that way.

What you need to do is to take a 90 minute or a 2 hour driving lesson every 3 or 4 days. You will learn loads and need fewer lessons. But there is another big bonus for you. You will not need private practice. If you insure a family car for 3 months, fill it with fuel and cover the cost of wear and tear than you can easily spend £30 a week. Over a 3 month period that is pushing towards £400. Do you really want to do that?

Learning Made Fun

Driving Lessons Wallsall - How To Pass Your Test First Time

Before you leave this page we are going to share with you a 7 step process to pass your driving test first time, it makes driving lessons in Walsall, so much easier.

The first 4 steps is what the examiner expects to see you on your driving test because they want to see you driving safely, and these 4 points define what it is to be safe. We will teach you this on every lesson.

1. To be in control of the car at all times
2. To be able to spot hazards and take action to avoid them
3. To be following the Highway Code
4. To be wanting to drive safely

The next three steps are what you will do before your driving test.

5. You will have completed your progress report card and all sections will be at an independent level, meaning you do not need any  help.
6. You will have passed a mock driving test.
7. You will be driving without the support of your instructor.

If you can meet all 7 steps you will pass your driving test, it is exactly what you need to do.
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Driving Made Simple

Driving Schools in Walsall

Our mission at Colin Hunt Driver Training is to give you the very best driving lessons you can get and for us that means you become a skilled and confident driver who passes the test with ease and goes on to be a safe driver.

Driving Lessons in Walsall

Please remember when you are taking driving lessons in Walsall nit to rush yourself, driving is not about that, its about looking up, seeing whats ahead and planning what you are doing. Its exactly the same as life. So rather than rush your lessons, understand what is going on, if you have questions always even if you have to ask and ask again so you can understand.

Driving Instructors in Walsall

There are a stack of driving instructors in Walsall, and we have no problem with you trying one of their lessons while you work with us. We will give you the very best standards of training which means you will learn a lot, quickly, have a nice time and be confident of passing your driving test.

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